I’m 34 years old. Im From GUINEA Conakry. I Did my studies of actuarial science and Finance at National institute of Statistics and Applied Economics From 2006 to 2009. Im the head of actuarial analysis service and products development of Activa Insurance Guinea SINCE 2010. Actuaries are involved in evaluating and managing a wide range of risks affecting the business of their clients. They use statistical techniques and build models to assess the likelihood and severity of future events and the potential variability of financial outcomes. my basics tasks are pricing ;reserving and predictive modeling. These two(2) last years; i launch the pensions plan for mining companies in Guinea such as CBG and banking sector as BNP PARIBAS. Recently; i was at the International summer school of swiss association of actuaries AUGUST 2018 and took my fisrt certificate in datascience.

I also participed to international congress of actuaries ICA june 2018 in Berlin as a leader of Guinean association of actuaries . i promote this wonderful job in guinea with my own ressources in partenership with actuaries without borders of International association of actuaries IAA.

BY Others ways, I’m serving the community by my project: Numerical Education for All and my participation to collaborative e-learning of www.Practeez.com.