Jennifer Alonso García joined the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance (EEF) as an Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen in July 2018. Previously she was a Senior Research Associate at CEPAR, where she is now Associate Investigator. She completed her studies in mathematics in Spain and Germany, and received her PhD from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium in 2015. She is also an IA|BE Qualified Actuary of the Belgian Institute of Actuaries.

Her research combines the areas of actuarial science and household, pension and quantitative finance to study the design, risk-sharing and financing of funded and pay-as-you-go retirement income schemes. Her past, current and future research projects are all developed around the following overarching question: “How can we develop sound retirement income schemes that are fiscally sustainable and attractive for participants in an ageing environment?” During her PhD she studied both the fiscal sustainability and adequacy of pay-as-you-go financed defined contribution public pension schemes. Her research has been published in leading international journals, including the European Journal of Finance, Quantitative Finance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Scandinavian Actuarial Journal and the ASTIN Bulletin.

Jennifer is currently involved in research projects on the financial decision making of households during retirement, life expectancy inequality and design and risk management of equity-linked retirement income products.