The Buffin Foundation

Gold Sponsor
The Buffin Foundation is dedicated to the support and advocacy of social and economic development issues. The Foundation is actively engaged in philanthropy, international diplomacy, and sponsoring research, in order to achieve progress in a number of areas of social and economic policy around the world.

The Foundation derives its mission and inspiration from the following United Nations documents:

  • The Charter of the United Nations
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Together these United Nations statements define the scope of global social and economic development opportunities to which The Buffin Foundation is dedicated.

Foundation Activities Include:

  • Publication of Commentary newsletter on topics relating to social and economic development
  • Participation in public policy discussion forums and conferences
  • Advocacy for the aims of the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Research Patron of National Academy of Social Insurance
  • Patron of International Actuarial Association
  • Sponsorship of international conference with the theme of Social and Economic Development
  • Advocacy and financial support for preservation, solvency and sustainability of social security systems
  • Advocacy and financial support for universal healthcare provision
  • Advocacy for women and financial support through CARE
  • Advocacy for children and financial support through UNICEF
  • Networking with representatives of major international donor organizations and regional development banks
  • Financial support as patron for several arts and cultural organizations

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